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Founded in 2011 by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zileli, the Middle East Spine Society (MESS) is a multi-national and multi-cultural organization from members all around the world. It aims to pass on the knowledge about the complex anatomy, physiology and surgical techniques of spine surgery to all dedicated spine surgeons around the Middle East and neighboring countries. By promoting the advancement of spine surgery the exchange of knowledge, and cooperation between the members and with related academic socieites worldwide. MESS is also in strong joint action with the World Federation of Neurosurgeons (WFNS) and local committees which makes it a bridging connection between multiregional organizations. The society consists of highly experienced spine surgeons with a long-living theoretical and surgical background who all are eager to transverse their proficiencies to the younger generation.
MESS organizes multiple congresses, symposia, courses and hand-on workshops in various countries which is attended by hundreds of spine surgeons worldwide. Highly eminent authorities of all fields of spine surgery, like degenerative disorders, trauma, deformity, congenital disorders and minimally-invasive spine surgery, are working to tutor the younger generation of spine surgeons in these kind of meetings.
As the president of MESS, it fills me of great honor and joy to be part of this outstanding community. I will do my best that MESS will improve throughout my term of office in the society like all the great presidents before me.

Prof. Dr. Onur YAMAN
President of the Middle East Spine Society

MESpine History

The Middle East Spine Society (MESpine), founded in 2010, is a scientific and educational association with worldwide members. The main objects of the Society are the study and advancement of the art and science of spine surgery and research into the cause…  More

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