Middle East Spine Society Founded 2011


The MESPine Society have two types of members:

Active Members – This is limited to medical doctors who demonstrate continuing interest in the problems of the spine and the pursuits of affairs of the Society. Active Members are expected to devote at least half of their professional activities to spinal problems, and meet other criteria for membership. An Active Member may vote and hold office.

Honorary Members – This is for persons who have helped to improve the society exceptionally. Honorary Members shall not pay dues or have no voting rights but may attend annual meetings. Honorary Members shall be neither candidates for elected office nor committee appointments.

Membership Benefits

The major aim of the Society is further develop and promote the art and science of spine surgery and take it to much higher levels. If you are not a member, I am pleased to invite you to become a member of our society. Among the benefits of membership are full-access privileges to all content in this website, reduced registration fees for our scientific meetings, and eligibility to apply scholarship opportunities.

Members will have discount rates during annual meetings and MESpine courses.
Members will be registered to special case discussion groups.

Application to Membership

A curriculum vitae must accompany the application or request for membership.
Membership applications shall be reviewed and considered by the Executive Committee for acceptance.
You can download the form below or make your application by filling out the form via web site.

Membership Fee: All active members shall pay 50 USD each year.

MESpine History

The Middle East Spine Society (MESpine), founded in 2010, is a scientific and educational association with worldwide members. The main objects of the Society are the study and advancement of the art and science of spine surgery and research into the cause…  More

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