Middle East Spine Society Founded 2011



1.1 Name. This organization shall be known as the Middle East Spine Society.

1.2 Principal Office. The principal office of this Society shall be located in Cairo, Egypt.

1.3 Other Offices. The Society may have other offices at such other places outside of Jordan if the Society may require.

1.4 The objectives of the Society are scientific, educational, social, literary and charitable. Its aims will be the following:

1.4.a To improve the quality of scientific knowledge in the field of spinal disorders.

1.4.b To study and advance the art and science of spine surgery and support research in the areas of cause, prevention and cure of spinal diseases and thier surgical treatment.

1.4.c To maintain an educational organization dedicated to the exchange of ideas and dissemination of scientific information about the spine.

1.4.d To support the organization of scientific meetings and the publication of professional material related to the spine.

1.4.e To improve communication between scientists and clinicians and support their work.


2.1 Classification of Members. Members elected to this Society shall be divided into two (2) catigories. They shall be elected as provided in Article 2, Section 2. The designation of such catigories and their qualifications and rights shall be as follows:

2.1.a Active Members – This membership category shall be limited to MDs who demonstrate continuing interest in the problems of the spine and the pursuits of affairs of the Society. Active Members are expected to devote at least half of their professional activities to spinal problems, and meet other criteria for membership. An Active Member may vote and hold office.

2.1.b Honorary Members – Honorary Members shall normally be exceptional persons who have helped to further the purposes of MESpine. Honorary Members shall not pay dues or have voting rights but may attend annual meetings. Honorary Members shall be neither candidates for elected office nor committee appointments.

2.2 Application to Membership

2.2.a A curriculum vitae must accompany the application or request for membership.

2.2.b Membership applications shall be reviewed and considered by the Executive Committee for acceptance.

2.2.c Membership shall terminate upon death, dissolution, non-payment of dues for a period of one (1) year, or acceptance by the Board of resignation of a member.


3.1 Annual Meeting – The annual shall consist of scientific sessions as organized by the Executive Committee.

3.2 Special Meeting – The special meeting is any meeting other than the annual meeting and shall also consist of scientific sessions as organized by the Executive Committee.

3.3 Place of Meeting – The Executive Committee may designate any location for an annual meeting or a special meeting

3.4 Notice of Meetings. The Executive Committee shall notify members of Annual Meetings and special meetings indicating the place and time of the meeting and, in case of a special meeting, the purpose for which the meeting is called.


Only active members in good standing may be nominated or elected as officers and each such member shall have one vote. All officers will serve for 2 years.

4.1 Elected Officers. The elected officers of The Society shall be nine and will include a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and five Members. All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of those present at the Annual Meeting.

4.2 Qualifications for Office. Any active member shall be eligible for nomination and election to any elected office of the Society.


5.1 The President presides at meetings of the Society, is an ex-officio nonvoting member of all committees and may be the Society’s representative at public functions.

5.2 The Vice President serves in the absence or incapacity of the President.

5.3 The Secretary gives notice of, and keeps a record of, meetings of the Society. Such records, annual reports and committee reports are kept in the Society’s corporate archives.

5.4 The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the Society, shall document and deposit all monies payable to the Society and shall receive any monetary legacies bequeathed or donations made to The Society.


6.1 Dues. The Executive Committee shall determine the amount of initiation fee, if any, and the annual dues payable to the Society by members.

6.2 Default and Termination of Membership. When any Member shall be in default in the payment of dues for a period of one year from the period for which such dues become payable, his membership may thereupon be terminated by the Executive Committee.

MESpine History

The Middle East Spine Society (MESpine), founded in 2010, is a scientific and educational association with worldwide members. The main objects of the Society are the study and advancement of the art and science of spine surgery and research into the cause…  More

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